About us

Bartley Dunne’s is a Most Unusual Pub in the heart of NYC. Taking inspiration from the iconic Dublin establishment of the same name, Bartley Dunne’s is celebrating the spirit of its namesake with art, music, cocktails, and of course, food. Experience thoughtfully crafted cocktails, vibrant disco, and tasty shareable dishes in a sophisticated yet familiar atmosphere. Bartley’s features eye-catching artwork from artists around New York City and Ireland. Bartley Dunne’s is brought to you by PMac’s Hospitality Group. Celebrating over 20 years of warm and welcoming Irish hospitality and entertainment in NYC.

Street view of Bartley Dunnes, featuring a dark exterior facade and signage above the door. The building has large windows with an Irish flag visible behind one of them, embodying the essence of a classic Irish pub.
An outdoor Irish Pub table with a menu and various dishes, including tacos, sliced meat with garnish, a hummus platter with vegetables and pita, a cocktail, a glass of white wine, and a tropical drink.